Thursday, July 16, 2015

My Book Reviews, His Haunted heart by Lila Felix

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Six years ago, deep in the swamps of Louisiana, Delilah’s face was marred forever at the hands of her sisters by the point of her mother’s kitchen knife. Despite her protest, her parents insist she make haste in finding a husband. But finding a husband isn’t an easy feat with a scar running the length of your face.
Porter Jeansonne keeps to himself. He lives in his mansion, set apart from the town he’s grown to detest. One night, walking through the town, seeking to collect a debt, he hears a man selling off his daughter in the most deplorable part of the darkened streets. He chooses to take pity on her and set her free from her despicable family. Until he sees her face. He then knows that maybe she is the mend for his haunted heart. 

About the author...
I am a stay at home mom from the South and wife to the most giving and hard working husband ever.  I love to cook and try out new recipes even if they don't always turn out like I want them to.  I refer to my kids lovingly as the Three Stooges as they are constantly coming up with new ways to reek havoc in the house.  Most recently that included putting a rubberband on the kitchen sink sprayer so it would douse me when I did the dishes.  I love to go to roller derby bouts and read in my spare time.  I write mostly at night when the house is silent and I can sneak cookies without having to share!  If you're into stalking, try under the Cypress trees in the swamps of Louisiana, but watch out for gators!!

My Review:
This is definitely one if a kind! A true treasure that was created from Lila's dazzling creativeness. I have read many of her books and I have always loved her writing style. But this... this is truly one of my favorites!!! The relationship between Porter and Delilah is so beautiful. Delilah's tragic past prevents her from truly being happy. But when Porter steps into her life the most amazing romance blossoms.

A beautiful and haunting story as these two people learn from one another and grow a relationship built on honesty, trust and eventually love. But that isn't all the story is about. Porter's past, going back many years, will play a pivotal role. And a certain ghost will not make the relationship easy on either of them.

Yes, a ghost! This story is such a unique and refreshing read.

I do recommend this book to anyone and everyone wanting to read some quality writing and storytelling!

I FREAKING loved it!***


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