Thursday, September 11, 2014

Nancy Straight My Review of His Frozen Heart

His Frozen Heart

I was given the honor of being a part of the audience who was lucky enough to receive an ARC of the “His Frozen Heart”

Nancy’s superb writing continues to shine through with this incredible story around Candy, her friend Libby and a long lost friend from high school Dave who led a very secluded life. 

Candy’s friend and roommate Libby was a pool hustler who would place wagers on pool games to help put food on the table only when needed. When a bet goes amiss one night, Candy finds her world turned upside down as all of a sudden her friend has been attacked and the assaulter is now after her and no one is safe. 

As Candy tries to find out who Libby’s attacker is before he finds her, she runs across an old friend, Dave. As she and Dave reconnect, Candy starts to realize that Dave’s past is not what she thought it was. Dave can either be the answer Candy needs in her life or the source of her nightmares. Will she uncover the facts she needs before it’s too late? Can’t give any spoilers, you will need to read to find out.

I flew through this book and couldn't put it down. His Frozen Heart is definitely a page turner on your seat, grabbing your sheets type of read.  You don’t know what will happen on the next page.  The intensity around the mystery and the devotion for each other- has you spellbound!  This is a must read for fans of suspenseful romance.  Well done Nancy, well done!  



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