Friday, January 30, 2015

Closed Giveaways, - Amy Bartol - Favorites Book Giveaway

I Can't choose my Favorite books from Amy Bartol, because she is just simply amazing and all of her books are my favorite.  

However, If I must choose one, then I'm going to introduce you to Under Different Stars (for those of you who have not read this, it's a must read!)

My Quick take on this book:
Loved this book from start to finish. Amy A. Bartol has quickly become one of my most favorite authors thanks to her premonition series and now her kricket series. I love her style of writing and the characters she creates, but I especially appreciate her gift of detail. This book is a must read!  

Kricket is a strong lead with enough passion, humility and humanity to have you love her from the get go. And Trey *drools* the world definitely needs more of him!

If you're looking for a book with the perfect balance of fun, passion, danger, hope and glorious battles that will leave you on the edge of your seat then look no further! I can't wait to see what happens next
Amy Bartol is author of the Premonition Series, which includes:
Inescapable (Volume #1)
Intuition (Volume #2)
Indebted (Volume #3)
Incendiary (Volume #4). 
Currently she is working on the fifth book in this paranormal series entitled Iniquity (Volume #5). 

Under Different Stars: The Kricket Series (Book #1).  
Sea of Stars: The Kricket Series (Book #2) will release March 31, 2015
Darken the Stars: The Kricket Series (Book #3) - release date pending



  1. I've not read any of her books before. But I'm about to one click Inescapable. Awesome.Giveaway!

    1. You won't regret it!!! All her books are amazing!!

    2. You will love Amy's books. They are AMAZINGBALLS!!!!


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