Saturday, September 6, 2014

Rebecca Ethington - Of River and Raynn - The Catalyst

Of River and Raynn - The Catalyst


They found me when I was five; a little girl sitting on a bench in Grand Central Station, soaking wet, asking about the rain. I remembered nothing about how I got there, or who my parents were. I couldn’t even remember my name. I was tagged, labeled and doomed to cycle through state care for the next twelve years; moving from one family to another. They all rejected me as the dreams began to come, the memories began to return, and things around me began to explode. Now my mind is full of a world of shadows, things that my heart pleads with me to be true, that I hope are only fantasy. That the disturbing past I see is not mine. When I sleep I hear whispers of magic, and of evil queens, and a world that exists alongside our own. Things that could never be. But, there is one thing I know to be true. That there was a boy who was torn from me. A boy that I know means more to me than a brother, or than a lover. But what he is to me, I am not sure. I hear him cry for me in my dreams, I hear people call him The Catalyst. I know I need to find him. I wouldn’t have tried, if I would have known that finding River, would have made all my dreams turn into a haunting reality.

My Review

Rebecca Ethington possesses a gift for creating worlds. She creates worlds filled with characters that could be real - of wait... River and Raynn exist already. Rebecca brought them to life with Facebook profiles, Twitter Accounts, Blogs, and YouTube videos for all to learn and get acquainted with River and Raynn.
River, or Colin in the Red World, has a mission. He's searching for his sister, his Requisite. Raynn, or Kaydence in the Red World, is searching and seeking answers. She longs to find her brother, her Catalyst.

Ffion, the Queen, the mother, is seeking to devour power and control. She's spent ten years grooming, controlling, and manipulating as she seeks to find her daughter in order to steal what does not belong to her. You don't have to indulge in the ongoing social media aspect of the story, but to truly experience it to the fullest (as Rebecca intended), you certainly should. This story is not for the faint of heart. It moves quickly and intensely, and there is little time to catch your breath in between as each moment rolls into the next.

Bring it!! Let the story continue! Well done Rebecca, Well done!

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