Tuesday, August 16, 2016

My Book Reviews, Top 3 reads of 2016 so far!

My Favorite top 3 Reads of 2016 so far with Reviews:

Today, I'm gonna talk about my favorite reads of 2016 so far, and I wanna hear all about yours! These are in NO particular order. Ready? Let's get going!

Stacey Marie Brown

From Burning Ashes (Collector Series Book 4) Review

Stacey Marie Brown delivers a fantastic conclusion to the Collector Series. I have anticipated this book from the moment I finished the last one. I was not disappointed. From Burning Ashes picks up right where Across the Divide leaves off. From beginning to end it is well-written, fast paced, action packed, suspenseful, sexy, and hilarious.

I can't believe that Burning Ashes is the last installment to an utmost amazing series that will stay with me forever. I honestly can say that with tears in my eyes.

This series is a must read for all of you who enjoy a hot as hell series that brings every emotion out of you with a well written story line, and well defined characters that you can not help but fall in love with - Very protective and strong Alpha male viking (Ryker) An Amazing hot pirate (Croygen) A bad Ass heroine (Zoey) and last but not least the most adorable sprite ever (Sprig) I know you all will think that I'm getting all dramatic with this review. However, This series is one that will stick with you and is one that you seriously do not want to end. (now the tears) This last installment had me on all of the feels, tears, laughter, and pure adrenaline rush.

Action packed delivery with just the right punch! Not to mention the very well written love scenes. I will really miss this series, and hope that one day Stacey will surprise us with another collector series book. Hey, a girl can ask right?

Stacey Marie Brown has become one of my favorite authors - And I can't wait to see what she has up her sleeve for us next! Bring it Stacey! I'm ready!

Amelia Hutchins

Playing with Monsters

I have to say that Amelia kicks this story in the butt!!! I was blown away with the depth at which Amelia Hutchins tells a story. The plot is well developed and leaves you with wanting more from the characters she creates and the world she has created. This story has appearances from others in the Fae Chronicles and they become interwoven into the new path the story takes. Magdalena is from a powerful line of witches Many things happen in the story as the Awakening begins that will keep you wanting more, and more. Did I happen to say that this story will have you wringing out your panties? NO, well I just said it. Very intense and powerful! All the feels in this story!!! No instant romance, but realistic relationship building we can all identify with. With really explosive passion .... Wink wink ;-)

I personally think this author is one of my favorite authors! Her books chew you up into little bits, then spit you out, only to stomp all over you before putting you back together at the end.

S.L. Jennings

Born Sinner (Se7en Sinners Book 1)

Hands down in awe of S.L Jennings. She will take you on a thrill journey full of action, complete hotness, and oh did I say hotness? The characters are well formed as well as the plot. You actually feel as if you are in the story! As of now, this on my top 10 books of the year that I have read thus far! I was so on the edge of my seat. Total nail biting, frantically reading as fast as I can because I was addicted. SL Jennings kicks this paranormal romance story out of the park! I first fell in love with her writing with the Dark Light Series and this book just took me to another place. A place of fallen angels, demons, and warlocks. I need a 10 star I would highly recommend it! Even if you normally don’t read paranormal, try it out. It is amazing-balls!

What have your 2016 top reads been? Share in the comments!


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