Thursday, May 12, 2016

Author Spotlight, Her Fiery Viking By AJ Tipton

Her Fiery Viking: A Paranormal Romance (Her Elemental Viking Book 1

by AJ Tipton

A thousand-year-old Viking with a curse. A feisty vixen with a fiery passion. What happens when they turn up the heat?

A thousand years ago, Mikkel and his family were cursed. The Viking has spent all that time with a temper that gets so hot, he literally bursts into flames… and he’s learned to cope with the tragedy of the results. Now he’s working as a demolition specialist by day and a playboy by night, never letting anyone get too close.

Joanna is a smart, sexy engineer who’s had it with all the sexual harassment she’s received on the job. When she practically explodes into Mikkel’s life, the heat they feel is undeniable. But just when things begin to sizzle between them, they’re faced with a challenge neither of them saw coming. Will their passion lead to blazing romance, or will they both go down in flames?

Her Fiery Viking is a short, hot paranormal romance novella. If you like smoldering love stories you can read in a day, then you’ll love AJ Tipton’s standalone installment from the Her Elemental Viking series.

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4 Star

I am now a fan after reading this short tale that had me wanting more when it was over. The characters in this novel were what really caught my attention. The Viking Berserker was quite well developed. I was so impressed with how A J developed his personality. Not only that, but he was also a well deserved drool worthy viking! Combine that with an equally volatile heroine, you will have your self on your seat to see what happens next.
This is a short story, but one leaving you with a breathless read. I’d definitely recommend to others.

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About the Author

AJ Tipton is the pseudonym for a writing team: Annie and Jess (Get it? "AJ"). We spend our days in Manhattan working for our corporate overlords, and during the evening we're in Brooklyn writing fantasies to astound, amuse and arouse.

Our ideas for future books--everything from sex-robots to ghost brothels--will keep us busy for many decades to come, so be sure to join us for the fun! Let us know what stories you like best, we love to hear from readers.


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