Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Author Spotlight, The Sleeping Serpent by Luna Saint Claire & Virginia Bowen

Luna Saint Claire & Virginia Bowen
The Sleeping Serpent

As arousing as 50 Shades, twisted as Gone Girl, and tortured as Wuthering Heights, The Sleeping Serpent is a gripping masterful account of the seductive manipulations of a sociopath.

Vampires are real. Not the kind with blood and fangs, but rather emotional vampires—the ones who use manipulation and compulsion to seduce. Charming and magnetic, they appear to be perfect—the answer to your prayers. Truth is, they have targeted you.

Immensely erotic and psychologically captivating, The Sleeping Serpent is the compelling story of a woman’s obsession with a spellbinding guru and the struggle to reclaim her life. At its heart, it is a painfully beautiful exposition of unconditional love that makes us question what we truly want.

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Luna Saint Claire is a writer who lives in the Hollywood Hills with her husband. She is part Native American and studied ballet in her youth. Virginia Bowen is a freelance editor living in the hill country of Texas. She has a broad knowledge of psychology, spent twenty years in the L.A. music industry, and has known her share of Nico’s.



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