Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New Book Release - Amelia Hutchins

Amelia Hutchins My REVIEW:

Amelia out does herself again! Pure genius was at work for this book. This is the First book in her new series and WOW freakin WOW! Emma learns things about her family that will change her forever. This story was interesting from the beginning as Amelia Hutchins built their world where Emma learns humans aren't the only ones that exist in this crazy new world where they find themselves. It was erotic and blistering hot!!! Get ready for toe curling sexy and adventures . I loved how the aspects of the supernatural were slowly introduced in the beginning of this story, and how the connections of the characters came together with one thing coming after the other in a never ending fight for survival. This story will keep you on your seat, and have you wishing for more! Well done Amelia! This was a brilliant read!